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Mystery, Mayhem, and Martians Galore!

Mars wants our cows (yes, cows!), and they're sending an invasion fleet to take them from us. Only Gilbert and Aoleon the Martian Girl stand in their way! Gilbert always longed for adventure, but now that he has it, he's not sure that it's everything it's cracked up to be. Ever since the night he met Aoleon the Martian Girl sitting in the middle of a crop circle in Farmer Johnson's field, it's been nothing but one wild ride after another. From fighting off swarms of giant killer robots to dealing with strange aliens from another world - never mind trekking across the vast Martian desert and skyboarding deep into the center of a (hopefully) extinct volcano - Gilbert has had his hands full just trying to keep up with it all. And now it's up to him and his new friend, Aoleon, to face off against the evil Martian overlord and keep our cows safe at home where they belong. The launch of this exciting and innovatively illustrated new series takes the reader deep into the heart of an unforgettable and out-of-this-world friendship in a story full of hijinks, hilarity, and good old-fashioned fun. Join Gilbert and Aoleon in this exciting middle-grade science fiction adventure today!

Book Description:

Crop circles magically appear in Farmer Johnson’s field. A mysterious light sweeps over the night sky and awakens Farmer Johnson and Gilbert, the boy next door.

Curious, Gilbert ventures out to discover the source of the light and stumbles into a beautiful Martian girl sitting in a crop circle. Farmer Johnson also investigates the strange light, and thinking that Gilbert and Aoléon are vandals, he chases them. But they sprint to Aoléon’s saucer and escape only to be pursued by the U.S. Air Force.

Gilbert has never been attacked by swarms of giant killer robots. Never met strange aliens from other worlds. Never skyboarded across a megalopolis hidden deep inside an extinct volcano. Never trekked across a vast Martian desert. And never been eaten alive by a gigantic slor (well, almost never, unless you count Billy the fat bully at school).

And luckily, he has never ever confronted an evil ruler of Mars bent on conquering the Earth to steal its cows.

Never...until now!

This may be the adventure Gilbert always wished for.

If only he can survive.

Part 1 - First Contact

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-2-3

Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-1-6

Science Fiction Book Aoleon The Martian Girl Part 1 First Contact

Part 2 - The Luminess of Mars

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-3-0

Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-4-7

Aoleon The Martian GIrl Part 2 The Luminess of Mars

Part 3 - The Hollow Moon

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-5-4

Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-6-1

Science Fiction Book Aoleon The Martian Girl Part 3 Hollow Moon

Part 4 - Illegal Aliens

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-7-8

Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-8-5

Science Fiction Book Aoleon The Martian Girl Part 4 Illegal Aliens

Part 5 - The Great Pyramid of Cydonia

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9791285-9-2

Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9862082-0-1

Science Fiction Book Aoleon The Martian Girl Part 5 The Great Pyramid of Cydonia Cover

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Meet The Characters

Aoléon The Martian Girl

(See above center.)

In her spare time, Aoléon loves to visit Earth to practice piloting her saucer while making crop circles. She also enjoys playing sports such as sky-boarding and psi-ball. Her unusual abilities include telepathy and telekinesis.

Gilbert Sullivan

(See above right.)
When he isn’t doing chores on his parents’ farm, the 11-year-old Nebraskan farm boy typically is out playing with his friends, studying, or pulling pranks.


Zoot - Aoleon's pet Moog

(See above.)
Zoot is Aoléon’s pet moog.


A Procyon commando under cover as a pizza deliveryman for Saturn Pizza (Mars’ largest pizza franchise), he conducts covert operations, sabotage, subversion, and assassinations. He is expert at psi-blade fighting, demolitions, and close-quarters combat. (See below.)


Helios is a first-generation Martian soldierbot. Bizwat recovered him from a junkyard and pieced him back together. Built like a tank, there isn’t much that can faze him in combat. However, he hates heights, flying, and sand (because it gets in his joints). And he grumbles a lot. (See below far right.)


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